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About us


BSG GmbH is a German trading company for Russian speaking countries (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia etc.). There we have many good contacts and a lot of experience doing business. As a trader, we export the following goods, among others:

Racing fuels and lubricants ELF (brand of TotalEnergies)

Fuel additives

Equipment and machinery for various industries

Agricultural, construction and other machinery (combines, tractors, loaders etc.)

Electrical parts and components

Metals. As a partner of the big Russian metal trader we offer in Europe used steel pipes (completely cleaned, without oil-traces etc.). The pipes can be used as a scrap metal as well as for other processing to the reinforcing bars, steel plates etc. or also as piles. The pipes are available as whole or as cut . Lengths: 5-11 m. Diameter: 1020 and 1220 mm. Wall thickness: from 10 to 16 mm. The annual export capacity is approx. 300,000 metric tons.


We support exporters and importers with our services, when it comes to trade with CIS countries: search and negotiations with contractants, customs and transport issues.

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