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Export - Import: CIS-States

Machinery and equipments. BSG Invest exports goods, machinery and equipments from Europe to Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS-States. In CIS-States we have many good contacts and a lot of experience. Also we offer the attractive terms of delivery.

Fuels, lubricants, additives. We export ELF racing fuels and lubricants, normal gasoline RON95/98, fuel additives and motor oil to CIS-States.

Metals. As a partner of the big Russian metal trader we offer in Europe used steel pipes (completely cleaned, without oil-traces etc.). The pipes can be used as a scrap metal as well as for other processing to the reinforcing bars, steel plates etc. or also as piles. The pipes are available as whole or as cut along. Lengths: 5.7 and 11 m (the pipes can be cut by customer wish also differently). Diameter: 1020 and 1220 mm. Wall thickness: from 10 to 16 mm. The pipes are stored in Riga (Latvia – a member of the European Union). The annual export capacity is approx. 300,000 metric tons.

Consulting. Also we help European companies with the export-import and business questions if they want to work with companies from CIS-States. If you want to import goods and/or raw materials from the CIS-States (Russia, Kazakhstan etc.), we are glad to help you:

•   Negotiations with the suppliers
•   Contract negotiations (prices, terms of delivery etc.)
•   Organization of your meeting with the suppliers

Are you interested in exporting your goods (commodity, machinery etc.) to CIS-States? We can also support you in theses arenas:

•   Searching for the partner/clients
•   Presentation of your products for potential buyers
•   Negotiations with the buyers

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