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Asset Management

We represent the asset management company ICFB in the East Europa. We safely manage your investments in German and Swiss banks. We select and analyze only those financial products that represent an interest for you. We consult you on all classes of financial assets in Germany. Before we act, we discuss all our plans with you and agree on them.

Our promise to you is that your investments will be:

• Made according to your individual needs
• Designed with your specific likes and dislikes
• Achieve the greatest possible yield under the terms of your investment

We constantly test the structure of your investment portfolio in order to check its compliance with your goals. When it does not fit with your goals, we make all of the necessary changes. We also annually rebalance your portfolio. Our most important goal is always the safety of your investment. With us your investment is stable, and can pass the test of time.

Through our regular reporting you always have an overview of your assets, income and the performance of your investment.

Our success in asset management and investment consulting is based on our professionalism and competence in all financial issues.

Please, feel free to contact us at any time to find out more about this service and discuss your individual terms with us.

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